Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The High Life


The business of job and house hunting goes on. Right now we're looking at renting an apartment downtown, and buying a place at a later date. It's on the 21st floor of the building with great views out over the river and Detroit.

How cool is that? That's right; very. The building also boasts a gym, hot tub and salt water swimming pool, access to which is including in the rent. We could get all that, and our tax and utilities for $850/month (about £540/month), which strikes me as a bargain.

Dauphinoise potatoes tonight. Well, a rough approximation at any rate. I'm pretty sure dauphinoise potatoes aren't supposed to have bacon in them, but bacon improves most dishes. What could go wrong? Photos and more info if they go well!


  1. I think that is the building Mike's co-worker lives in.

  2. It's on Park, opposite Hikari. That one?